Support and maintenance

The mission of our support department is to help customers optimize the operation of their IT infrastructures through a range of assistance and maintenance contracts:

  • Technical assistance: we are on hand to provide our expertise to help our customers assess the security level of their environment, remedy any shortcomings in their information systems, or carry out maintenance work on their equipment.
  • Carry out preventive and palliative maintenance: we introduce a process of regular monitoring of the solutions in production in your environment to guarantee the availability of your services.

Our 3 technical assistance centers are staffed by multi-disciplinary teams of experts with recognized qualifications, to support you on a daily basis in monitoring and upgrading your infrastructure. In addition, a Helpdesk portal ( ) is available to simplify the tracking and recording of tasks and incidents on your Information System.

IS documentation

Whatever their field of activity or size, companies all face the same challenge when it comes to documenting their information systems. Whether it's a lack of network mapping, or the absence or obsolescence of operating documents, these factors accentuate the complexity of information system management and maintenance on the one hand, and slow down or delay the deployment of new projects on the other.

Talentys has drawn on its long track record of integration with its customers to offer a complete service for writing and updating documentation concerning detailed HLD and LLD architectures, operating documents, flow matrices, and so on. This unique offer, designed for our customers, will enable them to:

  • Get the right visibility on their infrastructure
  • Optimize and facilitate administration tasks
  • Increase their efficiency
  • Speed up preventive and corrective maintenance operations

IT project management

Aware of the major importance of a good assessment and meticulous follow-up in the success of a project, our customers have been benefiting for over 15 years from tailor-made support in the execution of the projects they entrust to us. Over the years, Talentys has built up a significant pool of skills dedicated to the management of large-scale IT projects, expertise that we now make available to companies seeking seasoned resources specialized in the planning of IT projects of varying levels of complexity.

The relevance of this differentiating service is based on project managers certified to PMP, PRINCE 2, etc., with solid experience of IT environments, guaranteeing you projects delivered in accordance with recognized project management standards, while keeping the associated costs under control.



As part of our ongoing commitment to tailor-made support for our customers, we are taking a pragmatic approach to the staffing challenge, i.e. finding the skills they need quickly. Our response is to make available specialized profiles for short-, medium- or long-term one-off contracts, to reinforce your in-house capacity to handle your technical operations. Our teams benefit from ongoing training, combined with our performance-oriented culture, to provide you with high value-added support. Our range of skills extends from user support to project management, including the administration of security tools, networks and systems.

Skills management center

Hypercompetitiveness and the meteoric evolution of technological methods and tools mean that companies must constantly align the skills of their resources with the increased demands of the market. As part of this process, we have a training center at our disposal to ensure that employees are brought up to speed using a variety of approaches:

  • Training sessions on manufacturers' products and solutions
  • Technical workshops on how to use their infrastructures
  • Staff assessment and awareness campaigns on cyber-responsibility and cyber-crime

The expertise of our certified trainers guarantees you quality training in a pleasant and appropriate environment.